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What the future holds for us


By now some of you may or may not have heard of them. Jeffrey Homan & Benjamin Bartlett are the creator’s, writers and producers of the smash hit comic book series called Toking with the Dead.  A self -published indie comic that is bringing education through adult humor. The series is based on the positive effects of medical cannabis using zombies as the subject of illness. Since the release of the premier issue in 2018 Jeff & Ben have expanded into multiple industries such as Comicon’s, Music Festivals, Cannabis events, Horror Cons, honestly there hasn’t been an industry where their zany antics and slapstick humor hasn’t been welcomed. 

They have had the pleasure of working with some big names in each industry such as Joe St. Pierre (Most #1 selling Spider-Man covers for Marvel) Steve Lavigne (TMNT original artist) and most recently a compilation in each issue done by 3 time Emmy award winner Bill Diamond. Best known for his work with Jim Henson (The Muppets, Sesame Street, Gremlins, Fragile Rock, Phantom of the Opera (Stage show) and countless other endeavors.

As they hinge on the release of the next issue in the series, as well as their upcoming novel release. They signed on with Bill Diamond Productions to start bringing the comic book series to a live action filming.

Filming began in September 2020 and has been nonstop since. Issue #1 is now complete and in the editing process as Issue #2 has begun in Pre- production. But that’s not all BDP has offered them they are currently building one of the largest in-house sets on the east coast right in BDP Studios located in Cornwall NY.  

The story doesn’t stop there Jeff & Ben also have a live broadcast show called Still Toking With (Named after their parent company Still Toking Enterprises Inc.) which airs every Wednesday night on 17 different platforms and is re broadcast on Hellfire Radio every Monday and Friday night.  The broadcast is then redistributed on 19 major podcasting platforms worldwide. This has allowed them to interview many different people from many different industries. Similar to the comic series.

All of this is thanks to so many great people that have stepped up to sponsor in one way or another. Jeff and Ben believe in opening the door for as many people and businesses to get involved and to help build a community of likeminded individuals. If you’d like to get involved or would like an interview just reach out to us at


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