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Meet the creator's 

Jeff Homan & Ben Bartlett 

These two life long friends bring you Toking with the Dead comic book series. An educational experience of medicinal cannabis and it's unique effects using zombies as the test subjects. 

"We find out by mistake when a zombie gets cannabis in their system they no longer wants to rip your face off. Instead they indulges in snacks and walk around aimlessly. But once they starts to come down subconsciously they began to realizes it actually alleviated the pain for flesh. The only problem is now they want more cannabis."

A hilariously action packed adult educational take on the ever changing industry. 

Since their launch in 2018 Jeff & Ben have introduced their message into multiple industries expanding from the comic book series to a multi platform live broadcast show filled with talent from all industries.

"We love being able to bring other peoples messages to our amazing fans, friends & familia."


In early 2020 they decided to take their mission to the next level and signed on with Bill Diamond Productions to film the live action series coinciding with each comic book release.

"We wanted to have another fun way to help educate & break the stigma of cannabis and what better way than through film" 

Our main goal is to always have fun with whatever we are doing. Always moving forward in the process and staying true to our beliefs.

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