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Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Toking with the Dead



“What the FUCK are you doing!” Tobi cried, “that’s my favorite bong you asshole!!” Duke just turned with an ominous grin...

It was early morning when Tobias was suddenly awoken by a horrendous crash. In a panic, he screamed “DUKE! DUKE!! What the hell was that?” only to look and realize Dukes’ bunk was empty. Frantically, he jumped out of bed, “DUKE! DUKE!! Where are you?” Gathering his thoughts of where Duke might be and hoping he was alright. Tobi quickly dressed and headed for the door.

Leaving the comfort of their sleeping area, he ventured out into the warehouse expecting to find Duke there. As he began to descend the first stairway, a sudden crash made him dive to the floor in fear and self preservation. In the silence that followed, Tobi noticed the broken glass on the landing from a nearby window. Brushing off the sudden envelope of fear that had just enveloped him, he peered out the window to see a large section of the buildings gutter swinging freely in the morning breeze. CRASH, CRASH, CRASH, as it slammed against the side of the metal warehouse. He thought to himself “Ya, that won’t attract em”. Where the hell could he be, he wondered, calling out again “DUKE! DUKE!!” What the fuck, of all the people in the world I get stuck with him, he muttered silently wondering what will kill him first, the radiation, the dead, or Duke.

Tobi paused as he passes by the racks of edibles, reaches out and grabs one chuckling “guess I’ll have one of these while I’m here”, a shit eating grin smearing across his face. He makes his way towards the front of the warehouse where the store is located passing by racks and racks of edibles and the well stocked drying rooms. “Ahhhh the sweet, sweet smell of indica and sativa, there’s nothing better”, he mumbles. Suddenly, off in the distance, he hears a faint buzzing sound coming from the basement. Tobi scurries towards the stairway and hears a Tink, Tink, Tink Tink... “Duke is that you?” What the hell is he up to now? He wonders. Descending the basement stairs he calls out, “Duke what the fuck are you doing? All that noise is sure to attract the zombies.” Still no reply. Rounding the last corner of the stairway he can see Duke, his back towards him, a gutter spike in one hand and a hammer in the other. “What in God’s name are you doing?” he exclaims!! “We are out of food.” Duke replies, “and you know what that means don’t you?”

Stay tuned - more of “Toking with the Dead” to come...

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